“Before we left home, my 3 year said she was scared of the dentist. I tried to put her mind at ease. However, as soon as she walked into the Minnie Mouth office, her anxiety magically disappeared. I’m sure it had ssomething to do with the kid friendly deco and the array of children’s books and toys. When we were taken back to the “Nemo aquarium” room, she was given her choice of kids’ movies to watch on her personal TV, she chose Frozen of course, as well as her choice of polishing flavors, bubblegum. The dental hygenist and dentist were very professional while still making my daughter feel at ease. My oldest daughter unfortunately goes to a different dental office due to insurance reasons. But if I could I would be switching her to this office. It doesn’t compare. This place is awesome! We’ll definitely be back in six months!”

“Both my girls (ages 5 and 2) have enjoyed their visit each time they go for a cleaning/checkup. The staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. Excellent place for your child’s dental hygiene!”

“Best setting ever for a child going to the dentist. Staff is wonderful, Disney theme office is a dream come true.I love the quotes on the walls. My daughter didn’t want to leave! Speaks volumes. Love love love”

“That fact that my is daughter obsessed with Mickey && Minnie Mouse makes our visits even better. She was afraid of everything but the nurse was perfectly nice took their time showing her what they was going to do on her teeth on her little finger so she knew ahead of time what will happened definitely calmed her. Also the TVs they asked her what she will like to watch && put it for so she can get detracted instead of being scared, we also love their scented gloves. I can go on stating that they are friendly nice && a clean facility overall great place great experience.”

“Exceptional service !! Today was our first time at the office and I was greeted immediately with a SMILE 🙂 The staff members Ms Marie and Ms Mariana were very friendly and approachable. Dr. Tchou was very informative and I felt very comfortable with her, she explained and showed me what my daughter needed to get done. My kids loved the toys in the waiting room and they enjoyed watching a movie while they were getting their teeth cleaned. They were also super happy receiving a coin to pick out a toy from the machine. Before leaving the office spoke to Ms Dawn and wow she was great!! She did everything possible to find a open slot for my daughter knowing the situation we have. The sense of urgency is amazing! Thank you staff members for a unforgettable experience. This is what world class service is all about.”

“I am so thankful I found this dentist office. Today was my first time there. I have 3 little ones and was very nervous as to how they would react to their cleanings. They absolutely loved the Disney theme and felt so at ease in the cleaning chairs! The dentist was terrific as well as the other staff. They were so gentle and patient with my kids. I really appreciated how sweetly they talked to each of my children. The office was clean and organized and the lady at the front desk, was so helpful and kind, explaining everything about my insurance. My kids were sad when we had to leave! Thank you Mini Mouths!”

“Let me start by saying my 6 year old has had very bad experiences, in the past, in other dental offices so to have allowed the dentist at Mini Mouths do what she had to do the day we went was such a joy. He’s even looking forward to his next appointment! He was extremely happy with his experience there! I would also like to add he loved loved the lego table, arcade game and the variety of books in the waiting area. The design of the place is amazing as well… the Nemo mural, the Disney font lettering and then there’s the option for your child to choose and watch a movie on their very own personal t.v. screen. Their staff is very patient, kind and simply wonderful. I would also like to add that this office looks very clean! I’m very thankful that when I googled “pediatric dentist”, Mini Mouths came up and they were able to see my son that same day because he had an emergency. I’m truly and sincerely grateful!”

“This was my 6year old’s very first dental visit. We were both nervous. From the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by the receptionist I knew this was the place to be. The Dental Assistants were very patient with her, and knowledgeable. The Doctor was so pleasant I felt like we’ve met before. My questions were answered and I felt very comfortable. I will refer EVERYONE to them! I absolutely love this place.”